Z-Man TRD Ticklerz

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With years in the making, the Z-Man TRD Ticklerz have come ready to work. This soft bait is designed for a finesse style but is versatile enough for use with multiple different rigging styles. The material is a Buoyant ElaZtech, which makes this bait fall at a slower rate. The dimpled surface and salt-infused body prompt fish to hold on longer than many other soft baits, giving you ample time to set that hook. The tentacles on the end create a subtle action that is alluring to fish, whether it is sitting on the bottom or being retrieved. Go ahead and put the Z-Man TRD Ticklerz to the test!

  • Thick body makes for easy rigging on a variety of jigheads
  • Dimpled surface and salt impregnated construction provide ideal texture that fish hold onto for longer than comparable softbaits
  • Tail tentacles spread apart at 45 degree angle to provide lively action with minimal bait movement
  • Buoyant ElaZtech material provides for slower sink rate desired by Midwest finesse enthusiasts and stands up off bottom at rest
  • Ideal multispecies bait for a variety of freshwater and inshore saltwater applications
  • Qty. per Pack: 8

The Z-Man TRD Ticklerz are made in the U.S.A.

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the mayor pete aka trd ticklerz


TRD ticklerZ aka turd tickler lol . i call it the mayor pete . works great through the ice for lake trout here in colorado. TRD crawZ works great for large rainbow trout through the ice too .