Yakima Bait Big Al's Fish Flash

Item No.: F12617
4 available colors
Aurora Green-Aurora Chartreuse
Black-Pearl Smiley

Product Details

Product Details

The Yakima Bait Big Al's Fish Flash has almost no resistance in the water, making it a no-drag flasher. These flashers are versatile, easy to use, and can be rigged in almost any configuration.

  • In-line spinning flasher
  • No drag, feel the fish, not the flasher
  • Easy rigging works with divers, droppers, and downriggers
  • Can be used with bait or lures
  • Attracts fish at all trolling speeds
  • Rigged with heavy duty brass grommets and welded rings
  • 4-inch - works great for coho salmon
  • 6-inch - works great for walleye, lake trout, steelhead, and salmon
  • 8-inch - works great for all salmon and lake trout
  • Qty. per pack: 1

The Yakima Bait ig Al's Fish Flash is made in the U.S.A.

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Correction on review


I meant to give the Big Al's a 5 star review instead of 4.

A Different Way to Rig a Big Al's Fish Flash


I attach an 8 inch Big Al's flasher on the back of a fish shaped 12 lb. weight off the back ring of the weight on a corner downrigger. Use 2 large (snubber size) snap swivels connected with a large O-ring and clip to the back ring of the weight and the front of the flasher. I use a stack release a couple feet above the weight and run a clean spoon 8 to 10 feet behind the flasher on the stack. The inline axis of the flasher means it runs straight and the slow strobe seems to really suck fish into your spread, Using a stack above the flasher is important. Works great when the fish drop deep, or in lowlight conditions.

Fish Flash So Bright The Fish Need Shades


These are great little flashers that put out a lot of vibration and flash. Use them for trout, salmon, and stripers. Use them 3 to 4 feet in front of a lure. I use them with a dodger fly combo for more flash and attraction when trolling with a downrigger.