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YUM YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. 5-Wire Umbrella Rig Kit

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A YUM YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. 5-Wire Umbrella Rig Kit is like having your own school of baitfish at the control of your rod tip! Baitfish live in schools and are something bass certainly already know. So, take advantage of this normal activity by presenting not one, but a small school of lures at the same time! The five-wire castable multi-rig is engineered with stainless steel and heat-treated wires, tough snaps and swivels, and one of the sturdiest wire connections you can find. The 5-Wire Umbrella Rig's outer arms each hold a swirling willow blade and the four vibrate and flash in a manner that gives the illusion of a large grouping! You can bet any sleepy bass will awaken when the YUM YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. 5-Wire Umbrella Rig Kit swims by!

  • Ultralight 5-arm umbrella rig with willowleaf blades
  • Tremendous flash creates the image of a bigger school of fish
  • Super-tough wire stainless steel construction with quality snaps and swivels
  • Smaller size and weight so it can be cast on any rod/reel combo
  • Kit Includes
    • One 5-Wire Flash Mob multi-rig
    • Five 1/8 oz. round ball jig heads with 2/0 hooks
    • Five pearl white curitail grubs

*Review your state's fishing rules and regulations to ensure that you are within the law when using an umbrella or Alabama rig.