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YUM Wacky Tool

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The YUM Wacky Tool comes with ten O-rings that will save your bait. If you're not using O-rings, you could be losing a lot of bait unnecessarily. The Wacky Tool O-rings will secure the hook to the bait. Simply insert the fat side of your bait into the Wacky Tool and push an O-ring onto the middle of the bait. Insert your hook underneath the O-ring while catching some meat of the bait with your hook to keep it center. You can adjust the O-ring once it's on the Dinger. Save your Dinger with an O-ring and get the maximum hook exposure and quivering action! The best thing about the YUM Wacky Tool is, it floats!

  • Comes preloaded with ten O-rings
  • Maximum hook exposure and quivering action
  • Secure your bait
  • It floats
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

The YUM Wacky Tool is made in the U.S.A.