Worden's Rooster Tail Scent Spray

Item No.: F17629

Product Details

Product Details

Make all of your baits the one that catches the most fish with Worden's Rooster Tail Scent Spray! This spray-on UV fish attractant is light and not sticky, so it won't damage your lures or hinder the way they work. Made from amino acids, bite stimulants, and UV enhancements, the scent will gradually seep out of your lure to create a long scent trail as it moves through the water. The Rooster Tail Scent Spray provides enough scent to attract more fish to your area, helping you hit your limit in no time.

  • Hackle-safe spray-on UV fish attractant
  • 100% real scent-based taste to lure and bait
  • Includes amino acid and bite stimulants fish devour
  • Easy to apply
  • Will not damage hackle, feathers, marabou, tinsel, lure paint, fishing line, silicone or vinyl skirts, or plastic baits
  • Package Size: 2 oz. spray bottle

The Worden's Rooster Tail Scent Spray is made in the U.S.A.

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