Wooly Bugger Streamer - 2 Pack

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A Wooly Bugger Streamer - 2 Pack tucked into your fly box is really a no-brainer once you have learned how effectively seducing that marabou tail and chenille or fur body wrapped imitator is to a host of gamefish. One of the reasons a Wooly Bugger Streamer is so popular is that it can be fished in all waters, including salt flats, and in water conditions from clear and low to high and murky with success by using the right color. These Wooly Buggers mimic all sorts of underwater creatures, including leeches, sculpins, hellgrammites, crayfish, and aquatic immature stages of insects such as stoneflies, dobsonflies, and damselflies – all food sources for trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, pike, Arctic char, bluegills, crappies, etc. Wooly Buggers often produce violent strikes, and if you haven't yet experienced a large brown trout appearing out of nowhere and slamming your Bugger, then you're missing a thrill! Experiment with several colors by getting onto the water with these Wooly Bugger Streamer - 2 Packs!

  • Use for almost any freshwater predatory fish: trout, steelhead, salmon, Arctic char, pike, bass, crappies, etc.
  • Mimics a whole host of possible prey: leeches, worms, baitfish, hellgrammites, crayfish, and even aquatic stages of insects such as stoneflies, dobsonflies, and damselflies
  • Technique: there's no right or wrong way to fish a Wooly Bugger Streamer; a favorite way is to cast upstream and allow it to drift with or without a split shot (the weight goes right in front of the hook eye, but this is no exact science either) and let it sink naturally as it flows downstream, then swing it across the current twitching the rod tip as you go
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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