Wigston's Lures Tasmanian Devil

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Item No.: F17476
$5.99 to $6.49


Proven as a durable, efficient, and versatile lure, the Wigston's Lures Tasmanian Devil has helped anglers catch trout, steelhead, walleye, pike, bass, and salmon. The Tasmanian Devil features a blend of characteristics of a spoon, jig, and trolling lure. It is curved like a spoon with wings that makes the lure swim in an enticing and erratic manner, resembling the motions of an injured fish. If you feel your rod tip pulse or vibrate, the Tasmanian Devil is swimming correctly.

This hard bait is incredibly easy to rig; feed your favorite line through the body of the lure and the bead and tie it to the included hook. The Tasmanian Devil is effortless to cast, easy to jig, and fantastic as a trolling lure.

  • Easy rigging
  • Good for casting, trolling, jigging
  • Quality VMC treble hook
  • For use with trout, steelhead, walleye, pike, bass, salmon
  • Includes bead and hook
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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11/30/2018 0:00:00

A down under special

by Danny

While traveling in New Zealand, I came across these lures. In any local shop they have them for trout, as that is the main fresh water fish to catch. They work but as with any lure that is spoon-like, line twist is available in spades. The locals would rig this up with a lightly dressed large eye single siwash hook (almost like a salmon fly), then a split ring, then a barrel swivel. The two reasons are: the prevention of line twist and preventing line abrasion by having the lure rest on the barrel swivel. Don't know about wallleye or pike yet, but with a wire line it should work for pike. Anyhow, they work, they are fun and different but don't forget a swivel.

2/27/2019 0:00:00

Nice Alternative To The Usual

by deepvbasser -

I like this lure; haven't caught a full load yet but have hooked up on both trout and bass; given the season, bite is tough but this lure still caught for me. come spring, i will add it to my arsenal!

3/27/2020 1:41 pm

Lake Trout

by M

Used for Lake Trout at Flaming Gorge trolling with Snap weight and down-rigger. Worked extremely well on the smaller 4-8# fish at ~1.5mph