Water Gremlin Pencil Lead

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SKU: F11315


Water Gremlin Pencil Lead works great at keeping your lures and rigs out of the rocks and other debris. Simply cut the desired length of lead and attach it to your line with the provided rubber tubing. If the lead gets hung up it will pull free from your line and you will not loose your lure or rig. Great for bottom bouncing rigs.

Each 1/2 lb. package contains a four inch length of rubber tubing, along with proper use instructions.

The Water Gremlin Pencil Lead is made in the U.S.A.

Lead Restrictions

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11/22/2012 12:00:00 am

great stuff -multiple uses but tubing too big

by converted -

also works great in chunks for slinkees and for big water float fishing on the line with tubing instead of big, tin split shot. needs smaller tubing