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Wapsi Golden Pheasant Tippets

Item#: F19824

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Product Details

Wapsi Golden Pheasant Tippets should be a staple for every fly tier. These tippets display symmetrically aligned matte black bands that contrast strikingly against the warm yellow-to-orange colors. GP feathers feature a triangular form and very straight, sharp edges. Feathers from Golden Pheasant Tippets are used whole and flat for body material as seen on some steelhead and salmon patterns, black bands are used to replicate eyes on shrimp flies, and the feather's firm fibers are found in wings. Of course, you cannot faithfully recreate Royal Coachmans and Trudes without it. Aside from tailing uses, choose GP tippets for wings, cheeks, underwings, and for hackles to tie flat and show off the bright colors and bars. You know the versatility and will always find uses for Wapsi Golden Pheasant Tippets!

  • Warm yellow/orange and black neck feathers
  • Well defined with matte black bands
  • Use for Royal Coachman, Trude, and many salmon and steelhead patterns

Please note: This is a natural product. As such, size, feather patterning, and color can vary.

Wapsi Golden Pheasant Tippets are made in the U.S.A.