Walleye Nation Creations WNC Reaper Crankbait

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$5.49 to $6.49
Item No.: F19574
$5.49 to $6.49


Get down deep and entice some Walleye with the Walleye Nation Creations WNC Reaper Crankbait! This crankbait can dive to 25 feet when being trolled, making it essential to add to your arsenal! Letting you sit right where the Walleye are waiting for an easy meal. The baitfish profile of the Reaper crankbait paired with a range of enticing and flashy colors will quickly draw the attention of Walleye. To seal the deal, Walleye Nation Creations created this lure with a wobble action and loud rattles to stir up some noise. Get ready to reap some Walleye with the Walleye Nation Creations WNC Reaper Crankbait!

  • Baitfish profile
  • Strong size 4 hooks
  • Enticing wobbling action
  • Loud rattles
  • Dives to more than 25 ft. when trolled
  • Model: RP
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

NOTE: Chrome and Naked are generally used for custom painting and may not be as durable without final finishing. Naked baits will come with hooks unattached.


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8 reviews

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12/9/2020 8:23 am

Erie Gold!

by Bobby Greene

I started running Reapers on Erie shortly after their release and it quickly became one of my "go to" cranks. Gold Digger is my favorite color and is always a top producer in my spread. They come with sticky sharp hooks and run true fish after fish.
If you don't have any, I highly recommend you pick some up!

12/9/2020 8:23 am

Great deep running crankbait with great stock colors

by Marshall

I love the reaper. I can get this reasonable priced bait down 20 feet with less than 80 feet of line out, and without snap weights. These run true and have some great stock colors. I especially like Gold digger and blue Maui.

I like to keep a couple of these in my spread when open water trolling suspended fish. I keep them in my inside boards to target the deeper hanging fish with less line out.

12/9/2020 9:28 am

Fish Fear The REAPER!

by Sam D.

By far my favorite deep diving crank on the market today. A big EYE producing machine! Highly recommend giving them a shot, you won't be disappointed!

12/9/2020 5:42 pm

Fantastic Tool to Add to Your Arsenal

by Sportsman’s Grade

Simply put, adding Walleye Nation Creations Reapers to your arsenal means you will catch more fish.
These lures track great right out of the box and will run true anywhere from .8 up to 3+ MPH. The lifelike appearance and “match the hatch” size are perfect for putting more walleye in your boat all year long.
All colors catch fish, but some of the patterns that have been very good for us are: Blue Shiner, Blue Maui, Candy Crush, Gold Digger and Jolly Rancher.

12/11/2020 9:10 am

Good Biat and profile

by Erie Hunter

I bought some after seeing posts on Facebook. I really like the shape of the bait as it looks like more of a fish than the normal stick baits. Has a good action and rattle. So far I'm happy, we have caught some nice fish and the bait seems to perform as good or better than the others in our spread. It's definitely another one to add to the normal rotation for us.

12/29/2020 11:41 am

Hot Baits!

by Shawn Sayeski

Ran the standard colors and custom colors that were painted from the chrome reaper. These baits are hot on Lake Erie. They run true right our of the box!

12/29/2020 11:54 am

Great big fish bait

by Ryan

I actually won some from Wnc when they came out. (Dint take long before I Had to buy more) I been very impressed. It was a hot bait bait for me while trolling lead. I love the color assortment they offer.

1/5/2021 9:59 am


by dusty miller

Hands down best bait for the money. Deep runner that stays true