VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Worm Hooks

Item No.: F18146

Product Details

Product Details

VMC is continuing the ever-popular Tokyo Rig technique with the VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Worm Hooks! The forged hook is designed to be strong enough to handle some aggressive fights from those trophy Bass! The offset point helps increase your hook set ratio, meaning when a fish bites, you can land them easier! Tokyo Rigs make getting your soft baits down into deep cover, where big Bass love to hide, that much easier! The weighted wire and rolling swivel mean you can penetrate that deep cover while your bait still gets to move freely, getting those big Bass to come out of hiding! Get your next trophy Bass with the VMC Tokyo Rig Heavy Duty Worm Hooks!

  • Offset point
  • Forged hook
  • One piece solid ring connected to rolling swivel
  • 2.5 in. Stainless steel dropper arm
  • Qty. per Pack: 2


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