VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig Head

Item No.: F19195

Product Details

Product Details

The VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig Head is great for clearwater applications to catch bass everywhere! A hybrid wider gap maximizes hook sets, and the hybrid bend provides extra strength. The sproat-style hook, when using swimbaits, holds fast and will not bend on big fish. The jig eye on the VMC Hybrid is set at a 60° angle from the hook shank, and the 3D holographic eyes were chosen specifically to get the most out of finesse approaches to weedbeds. The jig head's size range covers a wide variety of profiles, swimbaits, and depths. Surrounding the 1X strong hi-carbon steel forged shank is a large diameter spring keeper, locking soft plastic baits in there, so you get more fish out of one swimbait! Set your sights on a VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig Head, and get ready to set more hooks!

  • Hybrid wider gap maximized hook sets and bend for extra strength
  • 1X strong, hi-carbon steel forged shank
  • Wide diameter spring keeper securely locks soft plastics in place
  • Ideal for swimbaits
  • 60-degree jig eye
  • 3D holographic eyes


ModelWeightHook SizeQty. per Pack
HSBJ3163/16 oz.2/04
HSBJ141/4 oz.2/04
HSBJ5165/16 oz.3/04
HSBJ383/8 oz.3/03
HSBJ121/2 oz.4/03

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