VMC 7119 Spinshot Drop Shot Hooks

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Product Details

Product Details

VMC 7119 Spinshot Drop Shot Hooks feature a hi-carbon steel, black nickel swivel in the eye of the hook, allowing the hook to spin without creating tangles in the line. The one-of-a-kind design of the Spin Shot hook features a Technical bend, which increases resistance to the opening that transfers energy toward the point of the hook, holding the fish firmly in place when set. These hooks are forged from Vanadium steel creating the perfect balance of lightness and resistance to bending. VMC 7119SS is available in standard black nickel.

  • Forged Vanadium Construction
  • Hi-carbon steel, black nickel swivel
  • Black nickel finish
  • Premium VMC Spark Point
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Buy these if you drop shot


I love how these hooks allow you to run lighter line below the hook with your weights. This definitely helps for snags. That way you don’t lose your entire rig most of the time. Also perfectly sets your hook and bait for drop shotting. Super sharp and sticks fish well.



Absolutely love these! Zero line twist! And gives you the ability to tie a lighter pound test to the weight so you don’t lose your whole rig if you get stuck. Just caught a 4.5lber on the 2/0 version of these with no trouble at all, from hook set to lipping the fish there was no bending of the hook in any way! These do any amazing job keeping the fish pegged! Must buy for drop shorting!

great product for everyone

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I get a very good hook set at all times..I have only lost one fish and caught 16 in a hours time

great idea great product

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we add two of these at different heights for ice fishing ....will try this set up for drift fishing in open water as well

Great Product

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I have caught several spotted Bass in January with this product ! I recommend it to anyone that is serious about "Drop Shoting "