VMC 7109 Fastgrip Octopus Hooks

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Product Details

Product Details

VMC 7109 Fastgrip Octopus Hooks are the first hook point with three microbarbs, including an upper barb close to the point that all but guarantees a swift hookset. Offers 15% more penetration power than standard hook points. The VMC Octopus style forged from Vandium steel with an offset, turned up eye is the ultimate choice for live-bait fishing for trout, salmon, walleye or any fish requiring instant and effortless point penetration.

  • Fastgrip's Penetration Power is 15% Superior to that of an Ordinary Point
  • Offset
  • Turned Up Eye
  • Forged
  • Vandium Steel
  • Three Microbarb Point
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Great new feature for small hooks - extra tip barbs!

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Three barbs at the tip instead of one gives a much more efficient hookup. Catches more fish than standard single barb hook.


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These should prevent a few of those that are lost at the boat.

very sharp and very good penetration

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easy hook sets

VMC Fast grip hooks


I've been using these hooks for everything from dropshotting smallies to my perch rigs.. I have been tying all of my Lake Erie crawler harnesses with these hooks for ten plus years.. very few fish come unbuttoned once the Fastgrips get into even a small piece of flesh in a walleyes mouth. These hooks show you just how well that they hold when you are removing them from fish, sometimes they are plain hard to remove from even the smallest piece of skin on a fishes mouth... my tournament partner has used single barbed octopus hooks for years and recently switched to Fastgrips due to seeing hookup to loss ratio firsthand...

Great hook

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Best hook I have tried. Very strong, very sharp and very well made. The hook is the working end of the fishing system...these are the real deal.