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NewTorpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip
Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip
Line breakage while trolling will be a thing of the past when you use the Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip. Designed for wire, copper, and lead core fishing lines, the roller tip rotates to avoid line breakage. Installation is easy. First, remove your old rod tip and clean up the lacquer. If the roller guide fits into the tip of your rod, use epoxy or hot glue to attach it, making sure it is lined up with the guides. If the roller guide is too large, you can use the included shrink tubing to secure ...
Torpedo Weighted Steel Trolling Wire
Torpedo Weighted Steel Trolling Wire
The Torpedo Weighted Steel Trolling Wire is extremely strong with a thicker diameter that better attracts fish. This trolling wire is tournament tested with no memory and zero kinks. The weighted steel is easier to handle, thus shortening your rigging time.
$22.99 - $29.99
Torpedo Divers Trolling Wire
Torpedo Divers Trolling Wire
Lo-Vis Smoke
Torpedo Divers Trolling Wire is crafted with high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel for superior strength. This line combines the vibration that wire produces, with a dark color to absorb light and reduce reflection to keep fish alert and ready to bite. Torpedo Divers Trolling Wire is also kink resistant so you can fish longer with less hassle!
Torpedo Diver
Torpedo Diver
Torpedo Divers feature a durable lead-core construction and directional fins for customizable control. A Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel is included, so there is nothing keeping you from getting out on the water! These divers let you troll your lure further from your boat, keeping it away from turbulance. Torpedo Divers even gets those stubborn fish to bite!
$17.99 - $19.99