Thingamabobber Strike Indicators

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This item is temporarily out of stock.

Thingamabobber Strike Indicators feature trapped air technology so the indicator rides high on the water. These lightweight round indicators are very easy to cast. The line guides are gentle on light leaders and are easy to attach and adjust for water depth.

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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

11/8/2012 0:00:00

Good indicators.

by Steely -

I have been using these for several years and they work well.

1/31/2013 0:00:00

Great visability

by lone ranger -

Samll, light and easy to see.

5/13/2013 0:00:00

Way to easy

by Dog -

Easiest strike indicator ever! easy to put on and use. And you can control the depth of the bait.

11/13/2013 0:00:00

Best strike indicator on the Market!!!

by Rich -

I like the fact that they had made the improvement by adding the pegs to be able to add them and remove them at any time during your rigging process!!!

11/14/2013 0:00:00


by dorn -

these are great for fly can extend drifts much better and they help you pick up the slightest of strikes that you might otherwise miss

9/14/2014 0:00:00


by flymobro -

great for steelies

12/15/2009 0:00:00


by Rick -

I have lost many strike indicators that used the pegged system and get frustrated with time consuming indicators that you must put on put on prior to the fly and weights. The thingamobber may be put on at any time and easily adjusted to the water depth.

11/9/2010 0:00:00

Excellent for drifting bait

by Erik the red -

Easy to put on line and remove, very lightweight for natural drift

12/30/2009 0:00:00

I would buy this product again and again

by kooner -

Great Floats

2/18/2010 0:00:00

The best strike indicators

by Reb -

Thingamabobers are simply the best strike indicators available. They go "on" and "off" the easiest. They don't get caught up in your fly line if you mess up your loop. They're virtually indistructible. And the white colored ones look just like a piece of foam floating on the water. They're great. I'm a pro not affiliated with this company and I HIGHLY recommend them.

11/22/2011 0:00:00

Thingamabobber = Awesome

by Noprat -

I am an avid fly fisher but have never understood how others can detect subtle strikes from trout without an indicator. However, the ones I have used in the past were difficult to use, generally either too big making it difficult to cast, or too small and not able to support minimal weight. The Thingamabobber is easy to roll cast, even in windy conditions, stays afloat, even in a real fast current and the result was the first time I used it, I caught a 12lb steelhead in fast moving water that I used to avoid. I've since caught 2 more Steelies and 4 large brown trout and I've only been using the Thingamabobber for a week. Awesome!

9/16/2012 0:00:00

great for trout and lake ontario tribs

by keith canal rat webs

unlike other floats i've used in winter they won't crack don't have to worry about losing little rubber line holder like other strike indicators easy to change depth no more worries about the float no standing up caught 16lb steelhead at burt dam first time using float tight lines and remember please give other fisherman room to drift in the tribs

9/28/2012 0:00:00

Nice and Light

by Bluegrass Hammer -

This product increased my casting distance by lightening my overall indicator rig weight.