Thill Premium Bobber Stops

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Item No.: F11901


The Thill Premium Bobber Stops are made of high-vis, fluorescent-colored, fine-diameter material. The premium quality thread easily grips monofilament line and resists fraying.

  • Qty. per pack: 40

The Thill Premium Bobber Stops are made in the U.S.A.

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

5/2/2014 12:00:00 am

Bobber Stops

by River Rat -

Are working better then ones had before.

1/8/2019 12:00:00 am

great line grip

by Bropar426

I bought these just because and I am so glad I did. I had other stops from a full slip bobber set up but the stops were horrible constantly sliding just trash material. From here on out I will be buying only Thill Premium Bobber Stops.

1/30/2019 12:00:00 am

A must for Thill slip floats

by MikeyDay

These are simple to understand and just flat out work. I paired them with Thiel unweighted floats and they have done everything I wanted.

12/3/2019 5:28 am

Not Good

by George J.

The holes in the beads are WAY TO BIG. Several times the Bead has slipped past the knot !!!

12/23/2019 6:55 pm

multiple colors

by randy roane

it would be helpful if they came in at least 3 different colors as I use them without a bobber and as a line mark for setting them at different depths

9/17/2020 7:27 pm


by GBoy

These bobber stops slide too easily up and down my line, especially when fishing with a rod that has small guides near the tip of the rod.

4/2/2021 10:00 am

used these for several years

by snakefood

This is the second big package of these I have used. It took me several years to go through the first package. I like the pink color to be able to see the stop from a ways off. I use as both a bobber stop and a depth mark. It makes it very easy to get back to the depth I want when ice fishing. Burn the threads off instead of cutting. Leave enough tag left after trimming to be able to retighten the knot.