Thames Mucilin Silicone Line & Fly Dressing

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Product Details

Product Details

Thames Mucilin Silicone Line & Fly Dressing is the classic English fly line conditioner that restores flotation to most fly lines and flies while it cleans and protects. The paste fly floatant and line dressing is a waxy solid base water repellant that liquifies to the touch. Mucilin is an old favorite for silk fly lines and continues to work for modern fly lines. The silicone Mucilin Green Label has also proven to be an effective dry fly floatant for deer hair wing flies. Some sources say there is a chance that the Green can damage the varnish on cane fly rods so the non-silicone Mucilin Red Label line dressing may be a better choice in this instance. The Red works as a dry fly floatant as well. If you want to catch more fish, then never overlook the need for a good presentation! A little dab of Thames Mucilin Silicone Line & Fly Dressing and your leaders, sighters, and flies will float high on the water.

  • Classic English fly line conditioner
  • Easy to carry silicon paste container
  • Use to treat dry flies, leaders, and coat fly lines
  • Easy application, includes felt application pad
  • Liquefies to the touch
  • Enhances your line flotation
  • Keeps fly lines clean and smooth
  • Available as:
    • Green Label Silicone
    • Red Label Non-Silicone
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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Great product for keeping your float fishing line.