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Sure Life Fishing Please Release Me Holding Formula

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Product Details

Sure-Life Fishing Please Release Me Holding Formula works to keep bass alive in live wells and weigh-in tanks. Intended as both a conservation measure and to assure that you don't lose any tournament points due to dead fish, the Please Release Me bass catch and release formula is a wondrous product that interacts with water in the tank and bass. It only takes a teaspoonful to treat 10 gallons of water. When dissolved, the additive reduces stress on the bass by adding all-important electrolytes back into its body and acts to replace their natural slime coating that wards off parasites and infection. (You can also place a pinch of Please Release Me powder on local wounds to help heal.)

The calming effects of the Sure-Life Holding Formula alleviate bass from regurgitating stomach contents (helps stops weight loss). Further, for the benefit of the fish, the supplement immediately removes any harmful chlorine which may be present from melting ice. If using a recirculating live well, Please Release Me possesses an overwhelming ability to remove both heavy metals and pesticides found in cove or canal water. Works with crappie, too. The live well water additive helps fish recover and gives hurt fish a fighting chance at survival. If you follow a catch-and-release philosophy even when not in a tourney, Sure-Life Fishing Please Release Me Holding Formula should be in the live well of your boat!

  • Bass holding-release formula
  • Proven effective
  • Calms your catch, removes harmful chlorine, replaces slime coat, and reduces weight loss
  • Primarily for use in live wells, simply add one teaspoon per 10 gallons of water; one cup treats 500 gallons
  • When used in a recirculating live well, add more formula when water no longer appears bluish-green
  • Also helps heal both hook and net wounds; sprinkle directly on wounds to increase the effectiveness

Sure-Life Fishing Please Release Me Holding Formula is made in the U.S.A.