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Sunline Super Natural No Flea

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Spool on Sunline Super Natural No Flea nylon monofilament with Plasma Rise surface treatment as your downrigger line when the spiny water fleas get bad on the Great Lakes. The plasma ion technology used for Jungle Green Sunline No Flea trolling line modifies the molecular surface of the fishing line. By helping to create a rounder surface area, the line thwarts water fleas from getting their tail barbs into it. As you may know, it's nearly impossible to reel past fleas when they cling to your line – a problem when trying to reel in a hard-fighting salmon!


Plus, Sunline No Flea line's resistance to those bugs keeps them off, solving the problem of "line "float" that interferes with reaching desired depths. Perhaps of greater significance, Sunline Super Natural No Flea lines can help you avoid transferring the critters on fouled fishing lines to non-invaded waters. Do yourself some good and for your favorite fishing waters by using Super Natural No Flea mono on your downrigging gear!

  • Plasma Rise surface treatment modifies the line's surface at the molecular level, creating a rounder surface
  • Reduces the amount of invasive spiny waterflea hordes that can hook tail spines into the line
  • For better success, check your line often
  • Precision-engineered strength, moderate stretch, and naturally manageable nylon monofilament
  • UV-R processing to protect nylon from harmful UV rays
  • Qty. per Pack: 1