Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line

$20.99 - $109.99
Item No.: F11131
$20.99 - $109.99

Product Details

Product Details

Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line is a high performance line designed for a wide range of fishing applications whether it is on a spinning or baitcasting reel. The added strength and high abrasion resistance makes it great for fishing stumps, weeds, or sunken brush with confidence. Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon features a triple resin coating making it an easy handling line that is supple and extra limp, giving it great castability as well as low memory. Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon line features a lower diameter giving you greater sensitivity as well as greater lure control.

The 2 - 5 lb tests are ideal for light line anglers, while 5 - 7 lb tests are popular with finesse bass anglers, and the 7 lb is the optimal size for spinning reels.

  • Abrasion resistant line is reliable and efficient
  • Ideal for spinning or casting tackle
  • Sunline's most versatile fluorocarbon line
  • Triple resin coating for suppleness
  • Case for 660 yd. spool has a built-in line feeder and line cutter

3 lbs.0.006 in.0.148 mm
4 lbs.0.006 in.0.165 mm
5 lbs.0.007 in.0.190 mm
6 lbs.0.008 in.0.205 mm
7 lbs.0.009 in.0.219 mm
8 lbs.0.009 in.0.235 mm
10 lbs.0.010 in.0.260 mm
12 lbs.0.011 in.0.285 mm
14 lbs.0.012 in.0.310 mm
16 lbs.0.013 in.0.330 mm
20 lbs.0.014 in.0.370 mm
30 lbs.0.0171 in.0.435 mm

Ratings & Reviews

17 Reviews

Great Line


This Sunline FC Sniper has been my go to leader for about a year now. I'm using it for leaders for my dropshot, and shakeyhead, and I'm using the 20# mainly for throwing a Z-man Jackhammer. Been a great line for me thus far.

Sunline the Strong


As fishermen, we spend a lot of time and money chasing our passion. Fishing line is no place to skimp on a product. It is literally the line between you and that winning catch, next trophy, or fish for the frying pan. I have used Sunline for over 15 years, and it is simply the best. Low memory, small diameter, and strong!



Great fluro for leader line

Excellent line


Because of the small diameter, great strength and 200 yd spools, have gone to using this line for all my leader/tippet needs. Since I’m cheap, am always looking to save a few cents and not sacrifice quality. Compare with other tippets and you’ll see you can get several lbs strength more per diameter with this line. Especially great for steelhead applications as well well as some of the gin clear waters in AK.

Sunline Sniper

by -

I had high hopes for this flourocarbon, but it just didn't suffice. I used it in the Sacramento River mainly for rainbow trout, but we get a lot of large carp, pikeminnow (squaw fish), steelhead, and king salmon around here, so I needed something for that "just-in-case" moment of landing something more than intended. It didn't cast nearly as far as I had hoped. It felt stiff. Being an avid fisherman that fishes at least a couple times a week, you just get that feeling if a line is what you expect it to be or not. This just didn't feel right. I didn't get many hits like I did other stuff. I switched it out shortly thereafter. I've been happier with the Berkley Vanish 4 and 6#. Fireline is next on my list. Sunline was about a 6 out of 1-10. Vanish was about an 8. I'm still look for that perfect 10.