Sunline Assassin FC Fluorocarbon Line

$19.99 - $54.99
Item No.: F16871
$19.99 - $54.99

Product Details

Product Details

Sunline Assassin FC Fluorocarbon Line features the latest Plasma-Ion technology for optimal fishing performance. The state-of-the art construction of the line increases line performance and also allows it to retain key characteristics for a longer duration of time. Made from 100% fluorocarbon, this line features improved slickness for smoother line movement. The resin bonds at a molecular level ensuring a sturdy and abrasion resistant line. All the efforts put into the construction of the product results in better knot strength, durability and Assassin FC Fluorocarbon Line.

  • Makes use of revolutionary Plasma-Ion technology
  • Increased slickness 40%, abrasion resistance and longevity increased 30%
  • Made from 100% fluorocarbon
  • Resin processing bond to the surface of line at a molecular level for durability
Test Diameter Diameter
8 lb. 0.0094 in. 0.240 mm
10 lb. 0.0104 in. 0.265 mm
12 lb. 0.0116 in. 0.295 mm
15 lb. 0.0134 in. 0.340 mm
17 lb. 0.0142 in. 0.360 mm
20 lb. 0.0150 in. 0.380 mm

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Great Flouro at a reasonable price when you buy the larger spools


Started using Sunline 2 years ago while testing it against other brands after switching from a cheaper brand. So far Sunline, the Power Pro braid and Seaguar have been my standouts with Sunline Sniper being my go to fluorocarbon.