Sufix Advance Monofilament Line

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Item No.: F17323
$11.99 - $30.99

Product Details

Product Details

Once you try Sufix Advance Monofilament Line, you will never use a standard mono line again! Built using a proprietary magnetic extrusion process, HMPE molecules are blended with the hyper copolymer nylon to create a durable, abrasion-resistant surface without forfeiting suppleness. Sufix Advance Line provides excellent control with ultimate bite detection and hook-setting power. Its low stretch and G2 precision winding make it handle perfectly for precise presentations. This fishing line is incredibly easy to knot and offers extreme knot strength. Whether you're on a lake or in a small stream, the Sufix Advance Line will help you catch more fish.

  • HMPE molecules blended with hyper copolymer nylon
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Very supple and sensitive, allowing for subtle and precise presentations
  • Half the stretch of a standard monofilament line
  • Virtually memory free for easy handling and long casting
  • Extreme knot strength


TestDiameterDiameterFiller Spool LengthBulk Spool Length
4 lb.0.008 in.0.20 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
6 lb.0.010 in.0.25 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
8 lb.0.011 in.0.28 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
10 lb.0.012 in.0.30 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
12 lb.0.014 in.0.35 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
14 lb.0.015 in.0.38 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
17 lb.0.016 in.0.40 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
20 lb.0.018 in.0.45 mm330 yds.1200 yds.
25 lb.0.020 in.0.50 mm250 yds.1200 yds.

Ratings & Reviews

5 Reviews

Too springy


Only use this line on baitcasters. It jumps off spinning reels. Used 6 # on 3000 size reel. As bad as most fluorocarbon. It has larger diameter than most 6 # also.

Not recommended for spinning.


Although the manufacturer states this line is suitable for spinning reels as well as casting it is not.It'll be a nightmare on spinning reels,spool jumping,memory,line coils,forget it.Used on casting,levelwinds,or trolling reels it's awsome.



why would anybody use copolymer on a spinning reel? sufix makes elite for spinning reels. this line on a casting reel is the absolute best. its strong and sensitive and doesnt coil off a casting reel. its more sensitive and more abrasion resistant than flourocarbon line. it casts really far and id the smoothest surfaced line of any ive ever used. Sufix got it right with this line.

Sufix Advance

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Use it for Ice fishing and leaders for open water. Best I have found.

Mixed feelings


No doubt this is strong line with tough knot strength with limited stretch.I found this line to be stiff out of the packaging and was hesitant to spool a Pfluegar President reel with 8lb test.So i soaked the line in warm water to soften and spooled it wet.Now the bad.One week later heading to the lake i took line off of the clip on the spool to rig up and it jumped off the spool like those snakes in a can all over the place.At the lake casting distance was nowhere near as good as with other lines.It also took a alot of memory with curls all down the slack line.I don't think this line is a good choice for spinning reels unless maybe saltwater or casting with heavier weight.Would probably make a better line for levelwinds, trolling or deep jigging or something off a boat where it's not being casted.My opinion.Would really like to read other options on this.