Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core Line

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Product Details

Product Details

Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core Line is the first lead core line to combine Dyneema and GORE performance fibers. What this means to you is that Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core fishing line is the fastest sinking, strongest, most abrasion-resistant, and roundest UV-protected trolling lead core line available. Suffix states this lead core dives 30% deeper and is 70% stronger than traditional lead core lines (plus 3x the abrasion resistance), and infinitely more sensitive.

Additionally, bright color-coded sections on the line are divided into 10 yards per segment to help you with accurate depth measurement when trolling. Order now and get your levelwind reels ready to strike the right tone with durable, fast-sink Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core Line!

  • First lead core to combine HMPE and Gore performance fibers
  • Advantages over traditional lines:
    • Dives 30% deeper; 70% stronger
    • 3X the abrasion resistance
    • Greater resistance to UV rays
    • Infinitely more sensitive
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

12 lb.0.022 in.0.55 mm
18 lb.0.027 in.0.68 mm


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Small diameter, high sink rate, and tough enough for walleye and trout


Was a little sketched out about using 12lb test leadcore but landed some impressive fish on this leadcore including a 9lb Atlantic salmon that went airborne several times, as well as several Lakers in the 6-8lb class. Should handle walleye no problem. The diameter of this line is so small you can fit at least 7 colors on a size 20 reel with braid backer….and the extra sink rate really puts it over the top vs other brands. You do have to use a uni to uni knot to tie between leader or braid but the knot strength seems excellent. Great product…fish it with confidence.

Great line


Colors bright. Line is very durable.

Great Buy!


Bought the Sufix lead Corp and was pleasantly surprised to get it so fast. In additional I found it less exspensive than than the big box stores I could have bought locally. I highly recommend fishusa

Sufix 832 lead core line Usage


I have been using lead core line for about 20 years fishing lakes in Tasmania which are up to 45 ft in depth.

Up until about 4 years ago I used 18 lb Cortland leadcore which I found to be very good.

After watching Youtube and reading reviews which advised it goes up to 30% deeper I purchased several spools of Sufix 832 Advanced lead core line and have used that for the last 4 years with 10 colours on Okuma 303 level wind, line counter trolling reels.

I Troll with 2 rods out one side of the boat and my fishing mate has 2 rods with Cortland Kerplunk (18 is test) out the other side.(no longer available) We both troll with winged lures and I am able to testify that Sufix 832 lead core line drops less than 6 ft per colour and only a fraction more than other lead core lines.
Certainly not 8 ft per colour and up to 30% more as advertised.

We have also both caught the same amount of fish each on both leadcore brands.

pretty good lead core line

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I've had this (12 pound) on a level wind reel for three years and fished it for 50+ hours. It performs well, taking a spoon down 20+ feet with 3-4 colours out and 30+ feet with 5-6 colours out at c.2mph - definitely dives deeper than the 'performance' variety. I am pretty sure the '12 pond test' rating is off as it appears much stronger and is difficult to break when snagged on bottom (1x). It is pretty low stretch, so you can feel your lure's action. The colours have remained bright with no fading during use. I have noticed cracking in the lead core in the last 6-10 feet of line up from the leader, as mentioned in some other reviews. Whether this affects the strength or performance of the line I am not sure, but it looks awful. I've been cutting 6' sections off the end of the line to remove the cracked portions, which is OK for me because I am not putting that much line out for my 20-30 foot trolling depths. So I would say this is a pretty good but not perfect product.