StrikeMaster Snap Cap Auger Blade Guards

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Product Details

Product Details

StrikeMaster Snap Cap Auger Blade Guards are a great way to protect yourself from the sharp auger blades. The design features a two-piece, hinged cap that stays together under tension with a large elastic band. To put the Snap Cap Auger Blade Guard on, simply push the auger drill down into the cap. The inside of the cap fits over the plate of the auger drill assembly and stays in place. To remove, press down on the side of the blade protector with your foot and lift the auger up. It's that easy. Protect yourself and your tools with the StrikeMaster Snap Cap Auger Blade Guards!

  • Utilize this blade cover without ever using your hands
  • Ingenious blade protector snaps on and off
  • Won't expose fingers to dangerously sharp cutting edges


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