Storm Largo Shad Soft Swimbait

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Item No.: F19189


Action describes the Storm Largo Shad Soft Swimbait! Action is the thing that makes a great swimbait and the Largo Shad soft bait's paddle tail will shimmy and thump right out of the box and do so consistently even at slow retrieval speeds and free falls. Agitate that bass into striking in reaction to an enticingly slow body roll and exaggerated tail swing! You can keep it as simple or as dress it up as complicated as you want. You can customize or even remove the "tail tendon" for wider action. And the soft swimbait is durable! You should catch way more than one fish on a single swimbait! Use VMC jig heads, heavy-duty swimbait hooks, or even its Tokyo Rig to present the Storm Largo Shad in deep holes. Additionally, the swimbait's top and bottom groove enable you to form a weedless hook rigging option. You have plenty of ways to mimic baitfish when you choose your colors and get a bunch of Storm Largo Shad Soft Swimbait!

  • Swims on both retrieve and free-fall with an enticing slow body roll and exaggerated tail swing
  • Great shimmy and thump right out of the package
  • Customize by cutting or removing the tail tendon for wider action
  • Provides unique rigging options:
    • VMC jig head
    • VMC heavy-duty swimbait hook
    • VMC Tokyo Rig
  • Grooved at the top and bottom for weedless hook rigging option


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