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Stealthcore® Lead Core

Item#: F17670

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Product Details

For a unique, stealthy approach to your trolling presentation, use Stealthcore® Lead Core! Unlike other lead core lines, Stealthcore® features alternating 30-foot black and red line sections. Why black and red? The black section is neutral and nearly invisible while the red section loses visibility as it sinks in the water, becoming more neutral. This lead core line works great in clear waters, as it virtually disappears into the water column. Stealthcore® Lead Core will help you put more fish in the box if you are a serious tournament angler, charter captain, or recreational angler. See the results, not the line!

  • Over 96% pure lead core braid for more suppleness and less breakout through the braided sleeve
  • Sleeve composed with a low-stretch polyester, rather than traditional nylon used on other lead core lines; the benefit is a more sensitive line that assists in retaining the lead inside the braid
  • Resin-based coating system (rather than dye-based) that helps to encapsulate the braid, thus providing more colorfastness than standard lead core lines
  • Low visibility
    • Alternating 30-foot sections of black and red line
    • Black section is nearly invisible because it is neutral
    • Red section loses visibility, becoming neutral as it sinks in the water

Stealthcore® Lead Core is made in the U.S.A.

18 lb.0.029 in.0.738 mm
27 lb.0.033 in.0.84 mm