Stealthcore Lead Core

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For a unique, stealthy approach to your trolling presentation, use Stealthcore Lead Core! Unlike other lead core lines, Stealthcore features alternating 30-foot sections of black and red line. Why black and red? The black section is neutral and nearly invisible while the red section loses visibility as it sinks in the water, becoming more neutral. This lead core line works great in clear waters, as it virtually disappears into the water column. If you are a serious tournament angler, charter captain or a recreational angler, Stealthcore Lead Core will help you put more fish in the box! See the results, not the line!

  • Mono Equivalent: 30 lb.
  • Low-visibility
  • Alternating 30-foot sections of black and red line
  • Black section is nearly invisible because it is neutral, and the red section loses visibility, becoming neutral as it sinks in the water

Stealthcore Lead Core is made in the U.S.A.


Stealthcore Lead Core
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Stealth core


I had this on reels that I purchased for salmon fishing, this is the worst line to try to segment. When trolling for salmon I use a lot of leadcore rods and love to segment based on my target depth. This stuff sucks, could only segment with 10lb mono, will never buy this again.

Tournament Proven


The new stealthcore does not fade, is durable, and is easy to segment using a double uni knot. I tie both 50# powerpro as backing and 20# gamma on the business end. I use stealthcore for Lake Erie walleyes and also for Lake Ontario kings. Lots of checks have been cashed using this stuff!

Easy to use and tie knots to


Awesome core. BEST core on the market after using lead for years...
<br> Segments easily, just tie overhand knots after removing the lead. Simple.

Best Leadcore


This line is hands down the best leadcore on the market. The low-vis colors make for a stealthy presentation.



This is the only leadcore I'll use. I know many tournament anglers that are moving to stealthcore because of the low visibility. They had an issue with the dye bleeding into the backing but the new stuff is top notch and I've had no bleeding or fading line. It's a little pricey but it's worth it if you're a serious angler.