Sheffield Floats

Item No.: F10443

Product Details

Product Details

The Sheffield Floats are constructed of crystal clear plastic with your choice of Flo. Chartreuse, Flo. Orange or Flo. Pink hi-vis tops. The clear plastic material makes them nearly invisible in the water and at the same time very durable. These floats have a slot in the bottom section to put the line through, and come with silicone tubing to hold the line in place on the top and bottom of the float.

  • Qty. per pack: 2

SizeLength (in.)Supported Weight (g)
3.53 1/43.5
7.04 1/87
9.04 1/29
11.04 7/811


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No idea how to put them on the line.


Don't assume that these are self-explanatory to apply to fishing line. Let me see a picture of where the line goes etc.

Effective product

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I use these floats for stream trout fishing. The streams I fish are generally clear and other floats/indicators tend to spook the fish. These clear floats do not.Their shape also offers very little resistance when the fish strike.I've had one or two out of 20 allow some water to leak into the float after use, other than that I would have given 5 stars.

Trout beware

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These floats are deadly when trout fishing, being that they are clear and thin I believe the fish don't notice them. They drift nice and I buy the 2gram so it doesn't take much of a hit to pull one under, very sensitive to strikes.

Very effective floats.

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I like using these in the 6 or 7 gram size for big rivers. They are easy to see, sensitive, and because they are low profile, don't get blown around too much if their is wind.