Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line

$39.99 - $270.99
Item No.: F10992
$39.99 - $270.99

Product Details

Product Details


By combining extraordinary knot strength and castability, Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line is the most technically advanced fluorocarbon line on the planet! Tatsu, Japanese for dragon, uses a double-structure design which fuses two custom resins into one main line. The DSF process creates a tough but soft exterior covering a high-density interior for improved tensile strength and sensitivity. No other competitor can match Seaguar's proprietary extrusion process that releases the power of this uniquely structured line. Seaguar's strongest and softest line, Tatsu is the apex of fluorocarbon line design and performance.


Designed as a mainline for any freshwater or saltwater fishing application, Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line is virtually invisible underwater with great hook setting and knot strength. Fish fierce and unleash the dragon with Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon Line!

  • Tatsu is Japanese for dragon
  • Amazingly strong, yet supple fluorocarbon line
  • State-of-the-art, double-structure process
  • Fuses two custom 100% fluorocarbon resins
  • The world's only double-structure main line
Test Diameter Diameter
4 lb. 0.007 in 0.165 mm
6 lb. 0.008 in. 0.205 mm
8 lb. 0.009 in 0.235 mm
10 lb. 0.010 in. 0.260 mm
12 lb. 0.011 in. 0.285 mm
15 lb. 0.013 in. 0.330 mm
17 lb. 0.014 in. 0.350 mm
20 lb. 0.015 in. 0.370 mm
22 lb. 0.015 in. 0.385 mm
25 lb. 0.016 in. 0.405 mm


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tatsu line

by -

use corect knots double polimar for hook triple surgon loop for other end lubricate well put knot in mouth while thighting lubricate . good line so far

Great small diameter line.

by -

This line is practically invisible in water. I use a improved cinch knot which works well with this line.


by -


Best line ever

by -

Best line money can buy. I use it as a main line and use a smaller pound test for a leader.

Good line for fish under 20lb

by -

Was fishing King Salmon, line holds very good but I woud recommend to use 20 lb if you fishing King Salmon or Coho, but in any case lenede few Kings with 25/30lb each