Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material

$9.99 - $79.99
Item No.: F10045
$9.99 - $79.99

Product Details

Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material offers 34% better knot strength than leading competitor fluorocarbons. Developed with Seaguar's exclusive, proprietary double structure technology, Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material is one of the best on the market. This leader materials advanced strength allows use of smaller pound test versus other fluorocarbons for more effective presentation. Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material also features incredible impact strength, knot strength, and abrasion resistance.

Ideal for any leader application, fresh or salt water, Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material is a great choice. As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material is much less visible underwater than monofilament line and virtually invisible to fish. Blue Label is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbant, high density, and impervious to cold conditions. This line features 100% Seaguar resins and is produced using a proprietary extrusion process.

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9/4/2020 8:10 pm

good stuff!

by Greg

Good stuff from what I can tell. Have had no break offs. Seems supple enough for 15 pound line.

8/22/2020 2:12 am

Pleased With Everything

by poptu

Pretty sure everyone knows what deluxe fluorocarbon Seaguar Blue Label is, but Fish USA made it even better getting it to me super fast. Love the leader, big fan of Fish USA.

7/30/2020 8:22 pm

Excellent leader material

by Larry

Excellent leader material used it for years on king salmon with excellent results!!!! This material can hold up against many rocks wood piles and all sorts of abrasions. Highly recommend

7/29/2020 5:52 am

Use it trolling

by Arnie

Been using for years trolling for trout and salmon with iead core. Holds up well and maintains its strength.

7/11/2020 3:50 pm


by Tahoe John

Best leader fluorocarbon on the market. Use it in Montana and on several CA lakes.