Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader Material

$11.99 - $49.99
Item No.: F11066
$11.99 - $49.99

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Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader Material offers 42% more knot strength than leading competitor fluorocarbons. Developed with Seaguar's exclusive, proprietary double structure technology, Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader Material is leading the market in innovation. Fluoro Premier has smaller diameters and increased strength vs. Blue Label leader material. Fluoro Premier offers incredible knot and tensile strength and is an extremely soft line with low memory.

  • Ideal for either freshwater or saltwater
  • Less visible underwater than monofilament and virutally invisible to fish
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Non-absorbant
  • High density
  • Impervious to cold conditions

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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

12/5/2019 4:13 pm

Beware of diameter

by Norm

Beware: A key parameter with regards to breaking point is, in fact, the diameter for most of fluorocarbon line. What differentiate the various fluorocarbon lines is their flexibility, elongation, abrasion, memory and other aspects. I tested this 12 pound line to verify its breaking point and it kept breaking at around 7 to 8 pounds. If you look at its diameter, it's .235mm which is the diameter of most claimed 8 pound fluorocarbon line. So if you want the advantages of this premier line (which is an excellent line by the way) and want a breaking point of 12 pounds, you should take the advertised 15 pounds. I also tested other brand advertised at 12 pounds resistance but with .317mm diameter and the breaking point was around 11 pounds. So diameter is the key + or - for breaking point. I am looking forward to find a fluorocarbon line with a .235 mm diameter which would provide a braking point of 12 pounds. Have not just found it yet.

4/23/2012 12:00:00 am

Very good product

by Captain Jim -

Great leader material for Salmon trolling

8/14/2012 12:00:00 am

great leader line

by superfisherman -

Use as leader line for trolling for salmon, works well, not much line for the price but worth it when you dont lose fish better yet your lure to!

3/12/2012 12:00:00 am


by Wacthmy -

I use it for a line leader as i am speckled trout fishing with braided line and its great stuff.

11/3/2011 12:00:00 am

Excellent leader material

by Neo -

Excellent strength/ diameter ratio. High quality but comes with a high price.