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Schooley's Spring Bobber Pole, Reel and Accessories

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Product Details

Schooley's Spring Bobber Pole, Reel and Accessories is a great package for light ice fishing. It includes a Schooley's spring bobber pole, a jig pole reel with an adjustable drag, pre-spooled with line, a reel line marker pin, a rod stand and even an ice fishing jig.

The 26" and 40" rods are a bit stiffer than the 21" rod, but all are designed for panfish. These rods can detect even the smallest of bites with ease, and are ideal for both adults and kids alike! Schooley's Spring Bobber rods are available at a price that won't break the bank, but still provide superb quality ideal for everyone.

Pleae note: This reel may be either red, green, or yellow. FishUSA choice only.

Schooley's Spring Bobber Pole, Reel and Accessories are made in the U.S.A

Ratings & Reviews

41 Reviews

Old School(ey).


I've had one exactly like this since the early 80s and it still works great for panfish less than about 15 ft deep. The ability to set the exact depth with the peg is one of the advantages of this rig. Glad to see they are still available.

simple, effective

by -

doesn't get any simpler.

great product for the money

by -

very easy to use,the spring bobber works very goodfor our crappie fishing,sometimes simple is better.

schooleys spring bobber pole

by -

i use this pole mainly for ice fishing in my 4 man shanty, it is compfortable and easy to use, the one thing about this pole is when you get a fish on you can reel that fish up and go back down to your same depth you were at that you cuaght him at. very easy to transport and the spring bobber on the tip is awsome, very sensitive even a little minnow will set it off, thanks fish usa for such a great ple.

Helps catch fish!

by -

We tried a couple of these spring bobber rods and ended up ordering 2 more. We think we are getting a lot more fish because we can tell when we're getting a bite easier.