Savage Gear Prerigged 3D Real Eels

9 Reviews
$6.99 to $8.99
Item No.: F11664


To perfectly emulate the S-shaped swimming motion of an eel, the Savage Gear PreRigged 3D Real Eel is engineered using a 3D scan of a real eel with an ultra-slow kicking tail. Smaller sizes work great for bass, snook, and other gamefish, while the larger sizes are phenomenal for striper fisheries, pike, and muskie. It is designed to swim with a serpentine tail action at any retrieval speed and on the fall. Pre-rigged and ready to go right out of the package, the Savage Gear PreRigged 3D Real Eel will help you land your next personal best!

  • Type: slow sinking
  • Perfect for pike other big predator fish
  • Superb for casting, vertical fishing and trolling
  • Integrated non-lead weight, with clicking steel ball
  • Ultra slow-speed action
  • Boiling water reshape
  • Tournament quality hooks
  • Qty. per pack: 1


Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

1/2/2013 12:00:00 am

3d real eel

by jobass -

One of the best plastic lures i ever purchase,cought tons of stripe bass, it looks pretty realistic.

2/4/2013 12:00:00 am

Awesome products!!!

by Al -

The best eel reproduction ever made!! lures action is the best I have ever seen.Savage gear line is most lifelike lures I seen in 20 years! stripers will hammer this lure money well spent will be back for more!!!

2/10/2013 12:00:00 am

Looks Fantastic!!!

by Horn Jr.

I can't wait to try this for cobia here in the panhandle, id love to get a monster on one of these!!!

5/29/2013 12:00:00 am

Real Eel. Great lure.

by Alan -

The Savage real eel lure is the "real" deal! Outstanding action at great proce!

5/21/2015 12:00:00 am

Striper Bait

by Fish -

I live in Lake Havasu City, Az. and fish mainly for stripers year round. I saw these baits and thought they would offer something the fish had not seen before. Boy was I right. These are awesome when trolled. Since receiving them ,I've caught numerous stripers on them.

3/11/2019 12:00:00 am


by RPBass -

Cast well. Action is good. But any retrieve speed more than moderate, or even fishing it slowly in moderate current causes it to roll on its side. Would be great slow rolled in lakes from a boat.

12/14/2019 10:45 pm

Not just for summer.

by Hoog

These lures work excellent for Lake Trout and Northern Pike through the ice! I use the 8” version

6/24/2020 9:18 am


by David H

Detail is extremely realistic and has a lot of action. Cant wait to catch a cobia on this rig here in northeast FL

2/28/2021 3:02 am

My favorite lure

by Ron

I found those mud eels in rivers from Pa to interior Alaska; pike, burbot, and sheefish luv them. They work on lake trout also. Add some garlic scent and the fishing gets hot. I have had some days where I caught 50 pike a day in the Yukon; over last few years quite a few approaching 50 inches. I haven't seen fishing like this since mid 60's in northern Ontario. Fish USA is the best.