SPRO Taru Swivels with Interlock Snaps

Item No.: F16162

Product Details

Product Details

SPRO Taru Swivels with Interlock Snaps are built for durability and strength. The swivel body is made of brass and the interlock snap made of stainless steel. These Taru Swivels are a great choice for any of your rigging needs and offers excellent performance. Keep SPRO Taru Swivels with Interlock Snaps in your tackle box to be ready for any situation.

  • Model: STRSILB
  • Swivel body made of brass
  • Interlock snap made of stainless steel
SPRO Taru Swivels with Interlock Snaps
SizeTestQty. per PackOverall LengthSwivel Body LengthSwivel Body DiameterOutside Eye DiameterInside Eye DiameterInterlock Snap Length
1228 lb.80.5480.1230.094 in.0.121 in.0.072 in.0.587 in.
1030 lb.70.6380.1500.119 in.0.148 in.0.089 in.0.593 in.
740 lb.60.8280.1610.173 in.0.171 in.0.091 in.0.756 in.
540 lb.50.8790.2210.188 in.0.203 in.0.132 in.0.754 in.
350 lb.41.1130.2380.204 in.0.227 in.0.183 in.1.002 in.

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One of my tackle box standards


I like to use snelled hooks and this makes it easier to get back in the water.