SPRO Power Swivels

Item No.: F11821

Product Details

Product Details

SPRO Power Swivels are stronger than standard barrel swivels and offer super smooth rotation, tremendous strength and durability. Keep line twist to a minimum with these high-grade stainless steel swivels.

SizeLengthTestEye Size
103/8 in.35 lb.1/16
83/8 in.50 lb.1/16
73/8 in.75 lb.1/16
67/16 in.80 lb.1/16
51/2 in.120 lb.1/16
45/8 in.130 lb.1/8
211/16 in.230 lb.1/8

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Small and Strong


I use these for tying on leaders when trolling. There small enough to go through the eyes of my rod and on to my reel just fine.

Trust the SPRO name!

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great swivel for controlling line twist!

Small but powerfull

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I use variety of sizes, from ice fishing size 10. to slide divers size 4. They work great. Size 6-8 will also pass thru levelwind on okuma reels.

the best swivel

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when ice fishing for lakers i tie these between my main line and leaders to reduce line twist - they go through the eyelets of the pole with no problems

Great swivels

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While these aren't ball bearing swivels, they're extremely well made, with smooth rotation and do a great job minimizing line twist. I have yet to have one break for any reason. The black finish is extremely durable