Rusty Spinner Dry Fly - 2 Pack

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Product Details

Product Details

The Rusty Spinner Dry Fly - 2 Pack is a must for your fly box so that you, like the trout you're targeting, can clean up after the mayfly hatch. This Rusty Spinner Dry Fly imitates a variety of both male and female mayflies after they have propagated and have fallen into the waters, turning a rust color and spreading their wings as they expire. Dead or dying insects are easy pickings for trout and the Rusty Spinner is a general all-round fly to cover the end of mayfly hatches for the Pale Morning Dun, the Pale Evening Dun, Red Quills, Hendricksons, and even for Sulphurs. As the excitement of the hatch wanes, cast to those swirls in the water with a fly from this Rusty Spinner Dry Fly - 2 Pack!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and others
  • Mimics the spent bodies of a variety of mayflies including Pale Morning Duns, Pale Evening Duns, Red Quills, Hendricksons, Sulphurs
  • Technique: start to use the Rusty Spinner Dry Fly when you notice "falls" from the mayfly hatch
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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