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River2Sea Goon
River2Sea Goon
12 Colors available
Acclaimed as an enforcing presence in the water, the River2Sea Goon harnesses all of its 'tough guy' features to battle large bass and win. This medium diving crankbait features an elongated cupped diving lip to help it move through the water with a sharp and aggressive wiggle that demands attention. Constructed with a tungsten weight force system, you can cast this hard bait farther, and it will dive down to 16 feet. Its fast floating ability allows the Goon to pop up and maneuver around vegeta...
River2Sea Ruckus
River2Sea Ruckus
14 Colors available
Cause a commotion with one of the loudest lipless crankbaits on the market, the River2Sea Ruckus. Whenever you think you need a little noise to catch bass, one of these little guys will do the trick! The Ruckus features a dual frequency tungsten rattle system that sends out both low and high frequency rattle sounds. The natural baitfish profile of Ruckus makes it very attractive for large, hungry bass. Built with precision, the Ruckus crankbait has the ideal weight balance for a tight wiggle mot...
River2Sea Ish Monroe Bling Double Willow Spinnerbait
River2Sea Ish Monroe Bling Double W...
9 Colors available
Designed by Professional angler Ish Monroe, you can expect phenomenal results from the River2Sea Ish Monroe Bling Double Willow Spinnerbait. Engineered to produce aggressive bites from bass, this spinnerbait features a light wire frame construction to create a maximum amount of vibration that is useful when fishing in murky waters. A flared head balances the bait on the retrieve and deflects off obstructions with fewer snags. Its dual ultra-thin willow blades with premium ball bearing swivels al...
River2Sea Ish Monroe Bling Colorado / Indiana Spinnerbait
River2Sea Ish Monroe Bling Colorado...
7 Colors available
The River2Sea Ish Monroe Bling Colorado / Indiana Spinnerbait combines Ish Monroe's new design with high-end products to create the ultimate bass spinnerbait. Built to attract trophy bass, this spinnerbait utilizes a light wire frame for maximum vibration in the water. Its flared head allows the bait to balance on the retrieve, to deflect off obstructions as well as letting the blades and hand-tied silicone skirt to move naturally. The ultra-thin Colorado/Indiana blade combination and premium ba...
River2Sea Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill Crankbait
River2Sea Ish Monroe Biggie Square ...
15 Colors available
Designed by Bassmaster Elite angler Ish Monroe, the River2Sea Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill Crankbait is notorious for hauling in monster trophy fish. This fast floating and shallow diving crankbait features an internal rattle and a square bill with a unique vibration pattern to attract bass in murky waters. Its tungsten weight force system allows you to cast the Biggie farther with ease. Built to bump and grind, the Biggie Square Bill Crankbait is sure to hypnotize bass with its lifelike action...
River2Sea Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish
River2Sea Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish
6 Colors available
The River2Sea Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish delivers more than your standard crayfish fishing lure. The Clackin' Crayfish has unbelievably realistic design features to mimic the mannerism and appearance of a live crayfish perfectly. Small air pockets inside its soft claws allow the claws to slightly float and move naturally with the current while its hinged lip appears to grab water, pulling the creature forward. The best way to fish the Clackin' Crayfish is to treat it like a real one. Let it sink...
$12.99 - $15.99
River2Sea S-Waver
River2Sea S-Waver
5 Colors available
Super popular on the west coast, the River2Sea S-Waver is one of the finest fishing lures with a unique action. With its natural “S–Action” swimming motion, it will enticingly skim the surface, calling out bass to investigate. The action of this plastic fishing lure is created by River2Sea's exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge. Its soft PVC tail makes the movement more prominent and noticeable. You can use the S-Waver as a surface lure or let it sink slowly and move naturally with the current. If you'...
$15.99 - $18.99
River2Sea Whopper Plopper
River2Sea Whopper Plopper
28 Colors available
The River2Sea Whopper Plopper was thought up by the famous Larry Dahlberg to be a musky fishing masterpiece. The Whopper Plopper's focal point is the pliable tail that spins on its harness creating vibrations that drive muskies crazy. This lure is built tough, with X-Strong hook hangers, wires and two hooks that will hold up to any topwater fishing you put it through.
$12.99 - $19.99