Raven Main Line Monofilament Line

Item No.: F10664

Product Details

Product Details

Raven Main Line Monofilament Line features excellent abrasion resistance and high breaking strength. The supple formulation and high buoyancy make it ideal for float fishing applications.

  • 1/8 lb. spool (length varies by pound test)
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High breaking strength
  • High buoyancy
  • Good for float fishing applications

TestDiameterDiameterSpool Size
6 lb.0.009 in.0.24 mm1200 yds.
8 lb.0.010 in.0.26 mm985 yds.
10 lb.0.011 in.0.28 mm820 yds.
12 lb.0.012 in.0.31 mm690 yds.
15 lb.0.013 in.0.33 mm620 yds.
17 lb.0.015 in.0.37 mm470 yds.
20 lb.0.016 in.0.41 mm380 yds.

Ratings & Reviews

30 Reviews

Raven mainline works as well as anything

by -

Raven mainline is comparable to siglon and is a great line to be used for float fishing on either a center pin or spinning rod.

Big bang for the bunks

by -

I purchased this product for my wife who had promlems see her line both day and at night. Promblem Solved!!! I will continue to purchase this product for many years to come. A must have for the avid or recreational fisherman.

Great main line for center pin

by -

This was the first line I put on my center pin reel and I really liked it. I tried other lines after mostly to try a different color, but came back to the Raven as none of the others compared. I wish it came in an orange or tangerine color. I would not recomend anything higher than 10lb for the center pin.

I'm Raven bout Raven

by -

Useing it on center pin reels, great strenght and abrasion resistance and good visability to me and not the fish. Strong like Bull !

Great alternative for a line thats good on the wallet

by -

Got this line because i wanted something as good or better than Maxima that i`m a big fan of. some of my previous reviews will tell you this. Being a Drift fisherman and loving to wade. I`m always trying new lines out , Just to break up the Boredom of knowing what you Like and don`t. Lines i will try at times. Rods and reels Not so Much. I have been known to buy a reel and a rod and then sell it because I don`t like the feel or balance with it. same with line . it has to cast a certain way and land with the accuracy i want when i`m wading a river and need that tight spot hit when casting under trees and brush . this line is as good or ALMOST a tad bit better than Maxima but Not by much . it is easier to use , comes off the reel with easiness. the stretch is the same and i like the fact that it comes in a green color as well . it is softer than maxima UG but is very Manageable as maxima. for the cost and if you in a Tight spot with the $$$ try this line out . its a good one!!!!!