Raven Main Line Monofilament Line

Item No.: F10664

Product Details

Product Details

Raven Main Line Monofilament Line features excellent abrasion resistance and high breaking strength. The supple formulation and high buoyancy make it ideal for float fishing applications.

  • 1/8 lb. spool (length varies by pound test)
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High breaking strength
  • High buoyancy
  • Good for float fishing applications

TestDiameterDiameterSpool Size
6 lb.0.009 in.0.24 mm1200 yds.
8 lb.0.010 in.0.26 mm985 yds.
10 lb.0.011 in.0.28 mm820 yds.
12 lb.0.012 in.0.31 mm690 yds.
15 lb.0.013 in.0.33 mm620 yds.
17 lb.0.015 in.0.37 mm470 yds.
20 lb.0.016 in.0.41 mm380 yds.

Ratings & Reviews

31 Reviews

used this on my spinning reel


i can cast almost twice as far anyone who does not like no memory line do not use im going to order 8 lb low vis green fish steelhead and browns in lake ontario and lake erie tribs love the line

Not a big fan.

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Love your floats and hooks raven but the line was no good for me. Memory was nasty. I loved the Suffix line I replaced it with.

Highly Recommended

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I ordered 6lb fluorescent pink very strong line, Lots of line for the price.Excellent main line, abrasion resistance and good visability. I like this line so much I ordered 2 more spools in different colours.

great line for the price

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Just tried the 12 lb. for float fishing with spinning tackle and it performed pretty well. It doesn't loop/tangle off the spool like some more expensive lines I've used. Although the price and handling were better, it doesn't seem to hold up as well to abrasions as well as Suffix does and I lost more complete rigs than usual. I'll go with 14 lb next time or just be more vigilant in checking for nicks. All-in-all, a great line for the price.

Raven Monofilament line review

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We use Raven Mono for centerpinning on the lake ontario tribs river from Sept to May for salmon, steelhead trout. One of the big ticket requirements is that a centerpinning line must be durable to stand up to the extreme winter conditions also limp and plyable at the same time. Raven fits this bill perfectly and has allowed my son and I for many enjoyable centerpinning adventures. We've tried nearly all kinds of lines for centerpinning and have found that nearly all others fail to perform as well as the Raven lines do. One more item that is a real plus for centerpinning is having multi-colored, hi-vis lines that are easy to see in all types of light conditions.