Raven Bead Pegs

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Product Details

Product Details

Raven Bead Pegs are a safe alternative to toothpicks for salmon egg bead rigs to avoid a damaged line. Safely peg your bead one-to-two inches above the hook. (The intent is for the steelhead to take the bead and expel it, whereas that action will draw the hook toward the corner of the mouth for your hook setting.) Pegging methods include setting the bead close to the hook so that the steelhead always brings the hook into its mouth. You can also peg the bead below the hook to rig a more natural float and allow for faster and easier bead color and size changes. Available in four color options to closely match the color of your bead, your steelhead float fishing gear is incomplete without Raven Bead Pegs.

  • Ideal product to hold the bead on the line slightly ahead of the hook
  • Soft rubber pegs secure the bead without any risk of damage
  • Pointed at both ends, each peg can effectively be used twice for most beads
  • Qty. per Pack:25

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