Rapala Super Shad Rap

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Item No.: F16060


Designed to catch trophy fish, the Rapala Super Shad Rap is constructed with premium balsa wood and outfitted with heavy-duty hardware and VMC black nickel hooks. The large but light lure features a natural profile and a large lip to simulate the shallow, wide rolling action of a baitfish. This versatile lure can be fished for pike, musky, bass, walleyes, perch, and even some saltwater species! The life-like patterns and colors offer perfect imitations, making this lure great for any fishing condition, even in murky waters! The Rapala Super Shad Rap is built to withstand hard strikes and will help increase your fish-catching power!

  • Premium balsa wood construction
  • Natural baitfish profile
  • Life-like patterns
  • VMC black nickel hooks
  • Stainless through wire construction
  • Hand-tuned and tank-tested
  • Model: SSR14
  • Weight: 1 5/8 oz.
  • Treble Hooks: Two 3/0
  • Depth: 5 - 9 ft.
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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11/12/2017 12:00:00 am

A superb Musky-Pike getter - must have

by iljFISH

This is an up-sized version of Rapala's shallow Shad Rap. For Musky fishing, these lures are perfect in terms of size, castability, action and colour selection. The quality of the finish and construction is second to none, outstanding really. Casting, you can cover water from 4-12' depth with lure, it trolls a little deeper. If you look at the general musky crankbait lineup you will see a large variety of expensive, poorly constructed items that have poor workmanship, poor quality finishes and lame action in the water. The Super Shad Rap leaves all of these in the dust - a different (better) class of lure. The Super Shad Rap's action on a stop and go, jerky retrieve is incredible, seems to be irresistible to muskies. My favourite colour in clear water is the Gold Shiner but everything will probably work. My only wish would be for Rapala to upsize its diving Shad Rap into a deeper diving 'Super Shad Rap Deep'.

12/22/2018 12:00:00 am

Every musky angler needs one.

by TomVanAtta -

This is one of my highest confidence lures in my box for river musky. I have it in every color pattern offered stock to match all kinds of forage. You can work it slow, work it fast, troll it, twitch it, straight retrieve it, dive and rise it, anything. It will catch fish. The downside is that these lures are some of the weakest baits I've used in terms of paint, lips, and stock hooks. You cannot hit these things off bridges/rocks/etc. You will be retrieving a mangled bait. They must not glue the lips in place properly as I've found it's always a clean separation when I lose a lip - no 'break', but the lip just pops right off cleanly (nothing super glue can't fix). The hooks are very light, and will absolutely bend if you horse in an esox. I always replace with one size up (4/0 VMC black nickel) or 2x's/3x's in the same 3/0 size. The paint is also very weak, and will chip/scar after one bite. Not a big deal, but I wish Rapala would beef these things up just a wee bit more.

8/18/2020 12:20 am

Rapala Super Shad Review

by Clayton C.

*Sigh! I originally couldn’t post my REAL FULL Review of this lure. *I feel like they are taking my voice away because I had a VERY Good and exciting fishing experience with this lure and I am unable to fully share it with you all.

This Lure is a very versatile fishing lure. You can fish it on the surface so you don’t snag underwater on anything. Especially Rivers. You can fish it fast (Burn Retrieve), you can fish it a slow retrieve, you can fish it at different depths as It is a perfect size lure for catching trophy fish! And on the pause... it floats to the top. This lure has a VERY Strong vibrating wobble. BIG Fish will sense that and BITE IT! And with the almost PERFECT color selection it makes the Hunt that much more exciting!

I have had HUGE Smallmouth Bass lurch straight up outta the water and snatch this lure (Bluegill color) out on the Mississippi River. I caught a 30-32 inch Northern Pike on the Mississippi River with this lure (Bluegill color).

8/18/2020 12:24 am

The Rapala Super Shad (Classic)

by Clayton C.

And now I am glad to say that I own almost ALL of the colors that Rapala has to offer with the Rapala Super Shad! It truly is a Great and Very Versatile Lure to help you catch BIG Fish, and be successful out on the water. This lure is made by a Legendary company that has originated many other lures we have today; it started from this Legendary company. And this Great All Time Lure should be in your tackle box. And if you have this lure already; it is Good to have this lure in a couple other colors. With THIS lure... it is worth it. Type this lure into YouTube and see the BIG Fish that are caught with this Great Lure from a Legendary company!