Rapala Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo

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Product Details

Product Details

Smooth, consistent, and easy to use, the Rapala Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo will change the way you filet fish! This combo brings all you'll need in one great package. This case comes with alternate batteries, blades, chargers, and a durable case to keep it all organized! The handle is ergonomic and comfortable, perfect for keeping your hand relaxed while filleting. The Rapala Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo is the perfect knife for all your fish filleting needs!

  • Lithium-Ion batteries provide a consistent speed and torque
  • Twice the speed and three times the torque of standard fillet knives
  • 80 minutes of continuous runtime
  • LED light for filleting in low light conditions
  • On-board LED power gauge to monitor battery status
  • Two PTFE coated blades: 6 in. & 7 1/2 in.
  • Two R12 2 Ah Lithium Ion battery packs
  • Rapid charging base - battery charge time of 1 hour
  • EVA storage case
  • Two-year warranty from Rapala

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Great Fillet Knife, But...

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Ordered during the Memorial Day weekend sale. FishUSA provided a great price and promptly shipped the fillet knife. 5-Stars for FishUSA. Rapala on the other hand..... I liked the fillet knife, especially with the power button on top of the knife. It's a natural place to rest the thumb and its easy to keep pressure on it while cleaning fish. This knife is quick. I went through 2 limits of walleye like it was nothing. I can not tell you how much battery it used though, because the LED work light and battery level LEDs have never worked since I unpackaged the knife. The LEDs not working does not seem to impact knife performance However I question if it is a sign of future issues. I'll be reaching out to Rapala to see if they care to resolve the issue. For now though, I question their quality control practices.
FishUSA - 5 *****
Rapala - 2 **

Worth the investment


Let’s face it, after a long day on the water we are all pretty tired and this knife makes cleaning fish a breeze instead of a chore. I only keep a meals worth of fish at a time (I do not freeze fish because I’m a frequent fisherman) and I found myself having to sharpen my regular fillet knife after each cleaning just adding to this task. Then figured out if I bought another all serrated fillet knife to cut through the scales and through the rib bones it saved my regular fillet knives edge to use to remove the meat off the skin and do fine trimming. This Rapala R12 knife is the best of both worlds with power and finesse. The lithium battery (three 18650’s per battery) lasts a long time and doesn't slow down when I’m nearing the end of a long cleaning session. I like that I can clean fish anywhere with it. It is a little pricey but I would rather buy this quality knife I will have for a long time over one that’s a little bit cheaper in price but not as high of quality.

Awesome Knife


Great product and love the design. I've cut many limits with this knife and I highly recommend.

Buy a Bubba


Buy a Bubba if this new version is anything like their last cordless. Had 3 different ones. One the blades wouldn't stay in, one blades wouldn't come out, other wouldn't work at all. Again buy a Bubba best cordless you can buy.



Hands-down the best electric fillet knife I've ever ran. You won't be disappointed!