RIO Tippet Rings

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Product Details

Product Details

RIO Tippet Rings are lightweight yet incredibly strong, perfect for fast and easy rigging or tippet replacements. Using a tippet ring allows for flawless turn over and they are just the right size for fishing dry flies. Simply tie the tippet ring to a leader with a clinch knot, then add an appropriate tippet the same way; that's all there is to it. Tippet rings make adding droppers a breeze, and are an excellent choice for ESN and indicator nymph fishing techniques. Adding RIO Tippet Rings to your leader and tippet offers an incredible advantage you won't want to miss out on.

RIO Tippet Rings
Size Diameter
Type Qty. per Pack
Small 225Trout10
Large 345Steelhead10

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