Plano Stowall Tackle Bag

$6.99 - $8.99
Item No.: F20689

Product Details

Product Details

The Plano Stowall Tackle Bag lives up to its "stow-anything" promise for stashing items from cell phones, wallets, and soft plastics in a waterproof bag in 3600 and 3700 sizes. And if you're tired of digging through bagged items to find what you want, the see-through sack eliminates that drudgery by making it simple to identify contents. Plus, the transparent Plano Stowall utility bag is one tough cookie, built with abrasion and scratch-resistant TPU material and a durable watertight closure.

Customize your other Plano storage bins and tackle systems with this gear pouch inside. The ability to compress items or form an air-tight, smaller bundle is always nice for packing things away or transporting. Keep anything you put inside perfectly dry. Give yourself more storage options with some Plano Stowall Tackle Bags.

  • EZ Label tab system for easy product identification
  • TPU material with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Bottom gusset for additional capacity
  • Waterproof closure
  • Soft material works in wide range of temperatures and resists oil/grease
  • Available in 3600, 3700 sizes


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