P-Line Trout Bead Assortment

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Product Details

Product Details

The P-Line Trout Bead Assortment is a great collection of salmon egg colored beads used in "pegged rigs" for trout, steelhead and salmon fishing. From Alaska down the west coast and east through the Great Lakes the pegged bead set up is a proven fish catcher. This assortment allows you to match the natural salmon egg color and size that is available to fish to feed on.

To set up the "pegged rig", thread a P-Line Trout Bead on the leader and tie on a hook. Then slide the bead 2 inches above the hook and insert a toothpick into the hole in the bead to secure it in place. Once the bead is secure break off the remaining portion of the toothpick. Fish the P-Line Trout Bead just like any other egg imitation, dead drifted alone or under a float or strike indicator. Use just enough weight to get the bead to the bottom.

P-Line Trout Beads are manufactured from hard plastic, with a hole drilled through the center for the line. The P-Line Trout Bead Assortment includes 800 beads in total and is packaged in a clear, folding box with 20 individual compartments. The beads come in 2 sizes (6 mm and 8 mm) in 10 "match the hatch" colors including Amber Pearl, Clear Amber, Clear Orange, Dark Roe, Hot Orange, Orange, Pink Pearl, Red Rubble, Salmon Egg and Sun Orange.

I wouldn't buy them again


I just purchased 2 kits to help set up a friend who has never used beads.
Also to have some colors I didn't have. Nice case and assortment BUTT!!!
The holes are too large in most of them for even the largest round toothpicks to stake them to the leader. Option is to use the rubber bobber stops above and below. Real pain in the a** to change a bead.
Either save the leader and start with a fresh one or keep having to use rubber bobber stops, adds up to cost really quick. I'll stick with known brands and assortments

Not recommended


Very poor quality. I would not recommend.

Good bead section to start.


Beads look good and will serve there purpose just fine . Wish for a clear/dirty water choice selection to mix up color variety. Overall satisfied

Look elsewhere for your Peg/Alaskan rigs


These trout beads seem like a great deal because of the assortment and price, however, are terrible quality. The paint does not stay on the bead itself for very long, and the holes are various sizes and make it extremely hard to stay consistent with both tying and presentation...

avoid at all costs.

Good color selection

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Convient storage container