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P-Line Trout Bead Assortment

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The P-Line Trout Bead Assortment is a great collection of salmon egg colored beads used in "pegged rigs" for trout, steelhead and salmon fishing. From Alaska down the west coast and east through the Great Lakes the pegged bead set up is a proven fish catcher. This assortment allows you to match the natural salmon egg color and size that is available to fish to feed on.

To set up the "pegged rig", thread a P-Line Trout Bead on the leader and tie on a hook. Then slide the bead 2 inches above the hook and insert a toothpick into the hole in the bead to secure it in place. Once the bead is secure break off the remaining portion of the toothpick. Fish the P-Line Trout Bead just like any other egg imitation, dead drifted alone or under a float or strike indicator. Use just enough weight to get the bead to the bottom.

P-Line Trout Beads are manufactured from hard plastic, with a hole drilled through the center for the line. The P-Line Trout Bead Assortment includes 800 beads in total and is packaged in a clear, folding box with 20 individual compartments. The beads come in 2 sizes (6 mm and 8 mm) in 10 "match the hatch" colors including Amber Pearl, Clear Amber, Clear Orange, Dark Roe, Hot Orange, Orange, Pink Pearl, Red Rubble, Salmon Egg and Sun Orange.

great quality

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tryed on salmon river, worked great!

Low quality beads

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The beads that are painted lose their coating after only a few casts and the holes in these beads are so big that a toothpick or the included bead stops are not big enough to hold the bead on the line. The box that they came in was nice. I would not recommend these.

Not what I expected

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These beads are a different brand than the "Troutbeads" brand I'm accustomed to, and that I thought I was getting. The biggest issue is the holes in these beads are various sizes, so securing the bead to the line with a toothpick or Troutbeads stopper doesn't always work. And while the case is intriguing it's made as cheaply as possible. The larches on some of the compartments failed to securely latch after one use. Finally, my assortment didn't come with chartreuse, which I had thought was included.

Do not buy

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I bought the eggs in 6mm to 8mm for steelhead. When I bought this product I read the reviews and thought these eggs were pretty good. At first glance (when the package came) they looked good until I looked closer. The holes vary in size and some didn't have any hole at all. Some of the colors shown in there picture does not match up with the color in the box I received. And within a few drift the color of the egg is gone. Please don't make the same mistake I did and DO NOT BUY.

Good color selection

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Convient storage container

trout beads

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love the beads, one of the best patterns i have come across, if you don't have some get some because the trout cannot resist them


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Good assortment, nice case