P-Line Spin-X Braided Line

Item No.: F20455

Product Details

Product Details

P-Line Spin-X Braided Line is the first-of-its-kind designed for spinning gear to furnish everything you could want in a high-performance braid. This mainline is highly visible above the water to help you detect strikes under sunny or cloudy skies. The dual-color braid runs in alternate hi-viz blue to hi-viz orange every meter. Under cloudy conditions, you'll see the blue color better; under sunny skies, your eyes pick up the orange. These color changes let you notice line movement in the water much better than ever available for a spinning rod. Now better equipped to know if it's the current or a fish that makes your line move the way it is, your hook-up ratios for your finesse approaches will never be the same!

Spin-X descends quickly and displays the strength of its eight carriers of fiber when battling big fish. The P-Line braid, offered in a range of pound tests to pair with spin setups, is also an incredibly soft and smooth fishing line that peels off the spool for extra-long casts. The line will change your spinning rod fishing for the better, so get started right away with hi-viz, smooth, soft, and castable P-Line Spin-X Braided Line!

  • Dual-color braid designed exclusively for spinning reels
  • Increased visibility under cloudy or sunny skies
  • Improves finesse fishing techniques
  • Ultra-long casting
  • Extra soft
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

8 lb.0.0062 in.0.16 mm
12 lb.0.0070 in.0.18 mm
16 lb.0.0078 in.0.20 mm
20 lb.0.0086 in.0.22 mm
24 lb.0.0094 in.0.24 mm

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A Great Spinning Line!!!


This is the best line I have ever bought for my spinning reels!!! There is absolutely NO coil on the reel!! I bought the 8# test for an ultralight outfit and I can't wait to hit the water with it. This line is everything they claim it is!! Just remember to put tape on the spool before winding it on. This may be my first spool of this line, but it sure won't be my last!!!!