P-Line Hydrofloat Thermal Fused Spectra Line

Item No.: F10606

Product Details

Product Details


P-Line Hydrofloat Thermal Fused Spectra Line features a thermal fused coating. Although Hydrofloat line can be used for many applications and works well on both spinning and baitcasting reels, this specialty line was designed for float and centerpin fishing for salmon and steelhead. The fused coating of Hydrofloat makes this line more buoyant than traditional Spectra lines, allowing the angler to have a drag free drift by always being able to see and manage the line on the waters surface.

Unlike most Spectra lines that are very limp and tend to wrap around the rod tip, Hydrofloat has more body which helps to eliminate these problems. When making long drifts, anglers will appreciate the fact that this line has virtually no stretch, allowing you to have instantaneous positive hook sets. Hydrofloat also boasts a high strength to diameter ratio.

TestDiameterSpool Length
10 lb.0.008 in.150 yds.
15 lb.0.009 in.150 yds.
20 lb.0.013 in.150 yds.
30 lb.0.017 in.150 yds.

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I would buy this product again and again

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Great line for center pin fishing.

I like it.

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Be quick to let the fish run after the hook set especially when using light tippets.



Nice line but bright yellow color will spook some fish in low water if you drag line on the water.

Better than Siglon

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I have used Raven and Siglon for my centerpin setup before but this line works best for me. When making long drifts this line stays on top of the water and the no stretch helps to hook fish at long distance. It does have some memory but not enough to really comlain about. I always had trouble hooking fish at long distance due to the fact that most centerpin rods are essentially noodle rods and mono line can stretch ALOT, but this line solves that problem!

Great drifting line for Steelhead

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This is a great float / drifting main fishing all though it is somewhat bulky is has great for strength. This is my #1 go to drifting line and I would use anything else. Great buy and a must have for any float guy!