P-Line Hydrofloat Thermal Fused Spectra Line

Item No.: F10606

Product Details

Product Details


P-Line Hydrofloat Thermal Fused Spectra Line features a thermal fused coating. Although Hydrofloat line can be used for many applications and works well on both spinning and baitcasting reels, this specialty line was designed for float and centerpin fishing for salmon and steelhead. The fused coating of Hydrofloat makes this line more buoyant than traditional Spectra lines, allowing the angler to have a drag free drift by always being able to see and manage the line on the waters surface.

Unlike most Spectra lines that are very limp and tend to wrap around the rod tip, Hydrofloat has more body which helps to eliminate these problems. When making long drifts, anglers will appreciate the fact that this line has virtually no stretch, allowing you to have instantaneous positive hook sets. Hydrofloat also boasts a high strength to diameter ratio.

TestDiameterSpool Length
10 lb.0.008 in.150 yds.
15 lb.0.009 in.150 yds.
20 lb.0.013 in.150 yds.
30 lb.0.017 in.150 yds.

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P-Line Hydrofloat 8lb

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I have used this product many times over the past month or so. I have not however caught many fish on it, only a half dozen or so. The WI steelhead are just gearing up to make their spring runs. I really like this line alot. It is so easy to mend line on short or long drifts, a guy can really fine tune his drifts and catch every little pocket and seam. The line does freeze up quite a bit, I have only been out one day when it was above freezing. With that said the temps at which I am fishing, any line is going to freeze, its just that this stuff doesnt like to be reeled back on the spool when it is frozen, it tends to jump off of the spool and get wrapped around the base of the spool. It has a larger diameter than say a fireline or other braid which I feel is why it freezes up worse than other braids. Overall I really like this stuff alot and cant wait to fish it this spring when the temps are just above freezing.

P-Line Hydrofloat line

by -

The best floating braided line I've used; in conjunction with an Drennan float, it keeps my jigs floating naturally in a river or creek.

Awesome float line

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Started out with another spectra line on my float rod but the tip wrap was a pain. Switched to 12lb hydrofloat but the small diameter was difficult to manage. Decided to go with 20 lb hydrofloat which was the right move: no tip wrap, floats and shows up like a dream. No real difference in water drag between the 12 and 20 lb line. Been a flyrodder for a long time so the instantaneous connection (no strech) compared to fly line was a bit startling at first but was easy to get used to and eliminated misses. Love the line.

highly recommended

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Great for float fishing for Steelhead! A little tough to handle when the temp dips.

Good floating braided line

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I am using it for spinning and center pin float fishing for steelhead. Floats well, no stretches, handles well and allows for drag free drifts. Happy with it - I am just afraid that in low water it could spook fish; I would like to see it in other colors too (green).