P-Line CXX X-Tra Strong Monofilament Line Bulk Spool

$54.99 - $169.99
Item No.: F12447
$54.99 - $169.99

Product Details

Product Details

The P-Line CXX X-Tra Strong Monofilament Line - Bulk Spools feature an extremely high strength to diameter ratio. P-Line CXX X-Tra Strong Monofilament Line is one of the strongest and toughest fishing lines on the market today. This line offers superior shock resistance and can be used to fish for everything from bluegill to monster tuna.

The P-Line CXX X-Tra Strong Monofilament Line - Bulk Spools are offered in five different colors, to meet the anglers needs no matter what the water conditions are. Crystal Clear - Great all purpose line. High-Vis Clear Fluorescent - Works well for night fishing or when anglers have to watch their line for strikes, such as flipping or drift fishing. Moss Green - Works well when river/stream fishing for salmon and steelhead. The translucent color also makes this color a favorite for tournament bass anglers. Smoke Blue - Great for use in saltwater. Fluorescent Green - The high visibility of this line works well for anglers who need to watch and manage their line.

TestDiameterSpool Length
2 lb.0.004 in.3000 yds.
4 lb.0.006 in.3000 yds.
6 lb.0.008 in.3000 yds.
8 lb.0.0011 in.3000 yds.
10 lb.0.0013 in.3000 yds.
12 lb.0.014 in.3000 yds.
15 lb.0.015 in.3000 yds.
17 lb.0.016 in.3000 yds.
20 lb.0.017 in.3000 yds.
25 lb.0.019 in.2700 yds.
30 lb.0.022 in.2700 yds.
40 lb.0.024 in.2500 yds.
50 lb.0.027 in.2100 yds.
60 lb.0.031 in.2100 yds.
80 lb.0.035 in.1700 yds.
100 lb.0.041 in.1900 yds.
125 lb.0.046 in.1300 yds.

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As expected.


purchased the 6# and 10#, have only used the 6# so far. Strong and supple
enough. Haven't used it at night to check the UV visibilty but looks good so far.

super line !

by -

I love this line , very strong ad very slim !!